Short Course – Fish Class


Cost is per person

Course Duration: 16:30 to 18:30

Course Chef:

Our chef Shane Wilkes worked at Jamie Oliver’s 15 at Watergate Bay for 13 years and is delighted to demonstrate how to fillet both a flat and a round fish with an accompanying sauce or salsa and show you how to prepare and cook fresh Mussels too.


You will then try it yourself, with his help and guidance, and go away feeling confident that you have mastered new skills whilst having some fun, making delicious food and meeting new people 😊

This is a great short class for learning new practical techniques.

  • Filleting and cooking a flat fish
  • Preparing and cooking Mussels
  • Filleting and cooking a round fish
  • Homemade sauces and salsas to accompany them

The dishes you make can be taken home to eat for your Supper or consumed on the premises.

A folder with more recipes and helpful info will be available for you to take home as a point of reference too.


Student/Chef ratio: A maximum of 8:1 so you’re assured of plenty of personalised instruction.

All equipment is provided, including an apron.
A folder for your course will be provided.

Tea or coffee is provided during the introduction. Other drinks are available to buy.

Requirements: For safety purposes legs should be covered, a plain top with no ‘dangly’ parts and a good pair of flat shoes should be worn. 

Course attendees must be 16 years of age or older.

This course runs on 27th October. Select this date from the calendar and the number of attendees.